Entry Restriction & Arrangement for international travellers to Indonesia. Update 9 February 2021

*Update on 9 February 2021

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia further extends entry restriction towards international travellers with several adjustments, as regulated through the National Task Force for COVID-19 Handling Circular Letter Number 8 Year 2021 on Health Protocol for International Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period(COVID-19 Task Force Circular Letter No. 8 the Year 2021)

A. Foreign Nationals allowed entry to the territory of the Republic of Indonesia

1. The following foreign nationals allowed entry into Indonesia:
(i) Foreigners allowed entry according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. 26 Year 2020 regarding Visa and Stay Permit in the New Normal, which is implemented since 29 September 2020;

(ii) Travelers permitted under the travel corridor arrangement (TCA) bilateral agreement scheme (United Arab Emirates (UAE), the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore); and

(iii) Foreign nationals due to special discretion and provided with written permission from relevant ministries/government institutions.

2. Foreign travellers travelling into Indonesia for the purpose of tourism visit, or any other purposes excluded from the category permitted above are still prohibited from entry or transit into Indonesia.

B. RT-PCR health test requirements

The health test requirements for all travellers travelling from abroad remains the same as the stipulation in the previous COVID-19 Task Force circular letter, as follows:

  • 3 x 24 hours before departure;
  • 1 x 24 hours after arrival in the Republic of Indonesia; and
  • 5 x 24 hours after arrival/isolation at the accommodation in Indonesia.


C. Isolation requirements

1. The stipulation for self-Isolation and hotel-isolation remains the same as the stipulation in the previous COVID-19 Task Force circular letter, whereas:

  • ​Heads of Foreign Missions and International Organizations as well as their families are allowed to undertake self-isolation for 5 x 24 hours at their respective residence; and
  • Diplomatic corps and embassy staff members, along with their families, shall undertake isolation for 5 x 24 hours at the list of accommodations Certified by the Ministry of Health, upon independent choosing.

2. After 5 x 24 hours of self-isolation and hotel isolation, all international travelers are encouraged to undertake self-isolation at their respective residence up until a total of 14 days after arrival in the Republic of Indonesia.

3. Isolation requirements are exempted for foreign nationals who are visiting for the purpose of state/official visits by foreign officials at ministerial level or above to the Republic of Indonesia, with the implementation of strict health protocol.

4. The isolation requirements for foreign nationals originating from countries with TCA bilateral scheme with the Republic of Indonesia, shall be performed according to the arrangement of the TCA scheme by abiding with strict health protocol. 

Source : https://kemlu.go.id/oslo/en/news

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